Kinefinity’s new MAVO 6K Cinema Camera got it’s first UK showing at The Media Production Show at Olympia, London.

Distributed in the UK by Proactive – – the MAVO uses advanced colour processing architecture and new CMOS image sensors to achieve low noise and high latitude dynamic images. Other highlights of the camera sytem include:

Super35mm CMOS Sensor
The Mavo uses a completely new 6K CMOS imaging sensor with over 14 stops of latitude for detailed, cinematic images. 6K acquisition allows you the creative control to crop and manipulate your image when delivering in 4K, or to downsample to very sharp 4K images with a low noise floor. While its industry standard Super35mm size allows you to make the most a huge variety of high quality lenses on the market, allowing the Mavo 6K to fit seamlessly into your productions.

6K ProRes and Raw recording to Internal SSD’s
Mavo allows for several raw recording options, CinemaDNG or .KRW files at either 3:1, 5:1 or 7:1 compression for pain free post production. You also get the option to record in all the flavours of Prores up to Prores 444XQ for projects where raw recording is not necessary. All of this is recorded internally onto 7mm SSD’s. Removing the need for expensive and large external recorders.

High Frame Rates at High Resolutions
With 6k recording up to 66fps, 4K up to 100fps and 2K up to 192fps, Mavo’s frame rates certainly don’t disappoint. The frame rate can also be specified exactly to an accuracy of 0.001fps. These frame rates can be quickly changed on the fly with the use of presets, changing sensor crop, frame rate, resolution, shutter speed and codec with just the push of a button.

Compact Modular Design
Despite the high performance of the Mavo, the physical size of the camera is remarkably small. Plus coming in at just 990g, the core of the camera is not only small, its light as well. This means the Mavo is perfectly suited to gimbal and drone operators looking for the highest quality in the smallest package.
With the addition of the Sidegrip, Kineback-W and interchangeable lens mounts, Mavo is a very modular platform. Enabling you to customise the camera to your exact requirements.

Interchangeable lens mounts
The Mavo ships with a KineMOUNT. This proprietary mount is used to attach a variety of adapters, so you can use the lenses of your choice. The KineMOUNT is designed to be light with active electronic contacts, allowing it to work with PL mounting adapter with /i tech and new cordless EF mounting adapter, EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer, Nikon F mounting adaper, Sony E adapter, PL/EF mounting adapters with electronic NS, etc.

See the full specs of the Kinefinity cameras on the Proactive web site here