Dreaming of owning your Arri Alexa? Phil Rhodes’s article on RedShark, “Buying your own Alexa is much easier than you think”, weighs the pros and cons:

For many camera ops the idea of owning an Alexa is simply an unrealistic dream. But is it? Phil Rhodes shows how mere mortals could in fact own one of these legendary cameras, and what the benefits and disadvantages of doing so would bring.

Arri’s famous camera has been on sale long enough that some of them are quite old, and there have been lots of upgrades and variations. The first camera – often known as the Alexa Classic EV for its electronic viewfinder – was released in April 2010. The range has since been expanded with the Alexa Plus with wireless remote control and Arri’s Lens Data System Plus 4:3 for anamorphic work, M with separable head and processing units, Studio with an optical viewfinder, and the XT with built-in raw recording, not to mention the 65 and the LF.

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