VMI is the first UK rental company to have taken delivery of Phantom’s newest camera, the Phantom VEO 4K which just like its big brother, the Phantom Flex 4K, can capture full-resolution 4K images at 1000 frames per second.

Until now, The Phantom Flex was the only camera capable of 4K super slow motion capture, however, the Phantom VEO4K achieves this in a much more versatile format, since it is both lightweight enough for shoulder-mounted use (fully stripped-down, the body weight is just 2.5kg) and has a form factor smaller than a RED EPIC. Most importantly, compared with the very hungry 150W Phantom Flex, the VEO 4K only draws a frugal 80W of power consumption. Lower power demand means less batteries, making travel easier and the smaller, lighter size also means that you can mount the camera on a gimbal, crane or jib without issue.

Read VMI’s full press release here