Video Europe switches to B2B-only

Video Europe has announced they will now rent their extensive range of film, digital cinema and broadcast equipment exclusively to sub-rental companies. From now on, they will refer all end-user enquiries to hire companies on Video Europe’s ‘Rental Network’ and the company has opened a European hub, located in Weiden, Germany, to assist this change.


Full text of press release: “Video Europe, Europe’s largest sub-rental provider of cameras, lenses and accessories to the film, digital cinema and broadcast industry, has announced a series of repositioning actions to improve efficiency across the company while maintaining its unique capabilities to serve clients.

After 50 years in equipment rental, including direct hire to end-users, Video Europe has decided to go ‘trade only’. The company will now rent their extensive range of professional film, digital cinema and broadcast equipment exclusively to sub-rental companies and refer all end-user enquiries to those on Video Europe’s ‘Rental Network’. To ensure efficient and easy trade activity, the company is also changing to OEM/unbranded boxes for clients to quickly and easily add their own labels.

To assist with these repositioning actions, Video Europe has opened a European hub. Located in Weiden, Germany, and in collaboration with Second Reef, the European hub will result in an optimised customer footprint across geographies. This proactive stance will overcome any issues that recent political changes have impacted on international and European delivery.

To complement the business changes, Video Europe invites visitors to explore their new website. The recently launched website is designed to cohesively fit with Video Europe’s repositioning in the film, digital cinema and broadcast industry. It offers easy navigation, a user-friendly interface and engaging content to help website visitors view the full product portfolio.

Matt Marner, Director Video Europe said, “Historically, we have always rented our equipment predominantly to other rental companies. We have now gone a step further to make that an exclusive service, concentrating only on our rental company clients. This change to our business strategy, together with our new European hub in Germany, means we can now focus all our energy on servicing rental companies throughout the UK and Europe, with no dilution of service. Video Europe is now a B2B, trade only specialist in the film and broadcast industry.”

Link to the news on the VE site here

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